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Learn more about Rhizomelic Chondrodysplasia Punctata by visiting the news and media links below:


Siblings With RCDP

Jake and Jordyn are siblings that were only expected to live to be two years at most due to a rare condition known as RCDP. Now 15 and 12, the two are proof that you don't need to walk or talk to make an impact in this world:

GFPD Scientific & Family Conference

Watch a video of Mindy Lee speaking at the 2017 GFPD Scientific & Family Conference:

My Long-Term Survivors: Rhizomelic Chondrodysplasia Punctata (RCDP)

RhizoKids International Conference 2017

Watch a video from the RhizoKids International Conference 2017:

Watch an amazing video and story by The New York Times!

Parents of children with RCDP, a very rare, terminal form of dwarfism, hope a potential new drug originally developed to treat Alzheimer’s will help their kids, too.

Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital Patient & Family Advisory Council Newsletter

Miracle Children Surviving Rare Disorder Seek Cure ~ Cleveland 19

How You Can Help Kids Born With Rare Genetic Disorder ~ FOX 8

Fundraiser Is Part Of Brunswick Family's Continued Quest To Raise Awareness About Rare Medical Condition

Help Us End RCDP

Most Children with RCDP do not survive past 5 years of age. Our organization is currently raising monies for research, and working diligently to raise awareness of RCDP.

Your help is needed to put an end to this terrible disease.

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